Submission Guidelines

1) We do not accept sites that don't have any useful content or sites whose content is overwhelmed by an unreasonable amount of advertising. We reserve the right to reject your site if (for any reason) our editorial team feels that it does not meet our standards. Some examples of sites that would be rejected are: 

sites consisting primarily of affiliate links

sites created solely to display Google AdWords or similar advertising

sites that only mirror another site's content

sites that redirect to another domain

sites that promote hate, violence, or any illegal activity

sites with too many annoying pop-up ads

sites that are not in English

sites under construction

2) The submission fee is nonrefundable. You are not paying to list your site in our directory--you are paying to have our editors review your site, and that happens whether it is accepted or not. This policy protects us from having to waste a lot of time reviewing low-quality sites. If you don't think your site meets our standards, please don't submit it.

3) It is okay to submit inner pages or subdomains as long as they contain useful content and are submitted to an appropriate category. However, you may not list more than one page from your site in any given category.

4) Don't use overtly promotional language in your site description--just give us a simple and honest description of your website.

5) We reserve the right to make changes to the title or description of your site and/or to change its location in the directory - move it to another category or subcategory. Although all listings are permanent, your site can be removed from our directory without a prior notification if it is determined to be in violation of any of our guidelines.

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Premier listing - $19.95

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