Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take my site to get listed?

If accepted, your site will usually be listed within 24 hours. However, depending upon the number of sites in the queue, it may take as long as a week.

Is my site guaranteed to be accepted?

No. We only accept quality sites with useful content. We reserve the right to reject your site if (for any reason) our editorial team feels that it does not meet our standards.

What are the most common reasons that sites are rejected?

We do not accept sites that don't have any useful content or sites whose content is overwhelmed by an unreasonable amount of advertising. Some examples of sites that would be rejected are: 

1) sites consisting primarily of affiliate links

2) sites created solely to display Google AdWords or similar advertising

3) sites that only mirror another site's content

4) sites that redirect to another domain

5) sites that promote hate, violence, or any illegal activity

6) sites with too many annoying pop-up ads

7) sites that are not in English

If my site is rejected, will I get a refund?

No. The submission fee is nonrefundable. You are not paying to list your site in our directory--you are paying to have our editors review your site, and that happens whether it is accepted or not. This policy protects us from having to waste a lot of time reviewing low-quality sites. If you don't think your site meets our standards, please don't submit it.

Can I submit inner pages or subdomains?

Yes. If your inner page or subdomain has useful content, you may submit it to the appropriate category. However, you may not list more than one page from your site in any given category.

If accepted, is my listing permanent?

Yes. If accepted, your listing is permanent. However, we reserve the right to remove your site from the directory if you alter it to the point that it no longer complies with our guidelines--this is to be determined solely by the discretion of our editors.

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