Why Foreginers Are Buying Into Singapore Properties

Singapore Real Estate Still Priced At Low?

March 17, 2016

Why are the Wealthy Singaporeans buying Whitley Residences

Property is a long-term investment, thus one has to be considerate of all the factors cost, infrastructure, communication, mode of transport available, workplace commute time, availability of schools, educational institutions, markets, shopping centers, hospitals and also a central area where from the connectivity to all other locations is possible. Thus, the decision should be taken by a buyer not only on the basis of the current or present requirements but also fathoming significantly about the future. The Whitley Residences are

The Whitley Residences are in itself a proof of the same. The vicinity surrounding the Whitley Residences has manicured and well-planned, the lavish patches of green make for a wonderful view from your home home and offer a natural relaxation therapy when you’re in the midst. State of art facilities for health, leisure, sports and entertainment are within a buyers reach at the Whitley Residences.

The Whitley Residences is a key micro-markets project which can vouchsafe for the buyers investment. Nowadays, a house is known to make a statement about its occupants. The outer and inner amenities of this Whitley Residences project would be a true value for money propositions. The Whitley Residences offers Houses truly underline quality and class. These are elegant residences which befit your persona. Surrounded by regal architecture, absolute privacy, and the finest facilities, you feel no less than a royal. If you have a fantasy dream to live like a royal, the Whitley Residences is the right place to reside in. For more information on this development, http://www.whitleyresidences.info/ has all the relevant information.