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October 30, 2015

Thomson Impressions – A Excellent Investment For Property Investor

Thomson Impressions is located in a highly prestigious Thomson Road, desired by many.  Housing development are not many in Thomson area making  Thomson Impressions Condo to be sought after fiecrely by buyers especially families with children.

One of the main point to register in a good elite school in Singapore, you must be staying within 1km from the school.  Parents pay for a price to be there, to be able to secure a place in Ai Tong School.  Some parents are resorting to renting a place in the Thomson Impressions in order to qualify for this criteria.  If using the  Thomson Impressions address, the tenant must ensure to stay there for at least 30 months from the start of their children education.

This indeed help to make the sell out rate at Thomson Impressions amazing.  Check out the Thomson Impressions show flat here.


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